Buy 500 Liter Solar Water Heater - Best Price

Solar water heaters have grown in popularity as an alternative to traditional water heating techniques in the drive for energy efficiency and sustainability. Among the numerous options, the 500 liter solar water heater stands out as a dependable and effective solution for meeting hot water needs in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. This article delves into the benefits, working principle, installation method, maintenance requirements, and more of 500 liter solar water heaters, bringing useful insights into the world of solar water heaters.

500 liter ETC solar water heater

1. Understanding Solar Water Heaters

The Concept of Solar Energy

Solar energy, derived from the sun's radiation, offers a clean and renewable source of power. Solar water heaters utilize this energy to heat water, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional water heating methods.

Overview of Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters consist of collector panels, a storage tank, and a circulation system. These components work together to harness solar energy, heat the water, and provide a continuous supply of hot water.

2. The Working Principle of 500 Liter Solar Water Heaters

Collector Panels: Harnessing Solar Power

Collector panels, usually mounted on rooftops or open spaces with maximum sun exposure, absorb solar radiation. These panels contain tubes or channels through which a heat transfer fluid circulates, absorbing the sun's heat.

Storage Tank: Storing and Supplying Hot Water

The heat transfer fluid from the collector panels passes through a heat exchanger in the storage tank, transferring its heat to the water inside. This process elevates the water temperature, which is then stored in the tank until it is needed for use.

Circulation System: Ensuring Efficient Flow

A circulation system, comprising pipes, pumps, and valves, facilitates the movement of hot water from the storage tank to the desired outlets. This system ensures a continuous flow of hot water throughout the plumbing network, providing reliable access to hot water on demand.

 Price List for 500L Solar Water Heater 2023

Solar Water Heater Model Selling Price Price/Liter
ETC 500 Liter SWH Rs.55,000 Rs.110
FPC 500 Liter SWH Rs.99,000 Rs.198
FPC Px. 500 Liter SWH Rs.1,10,000 Rs.220
FPC HE 500 Liter SWH Rs.1,10,000 Rs.220
FPC Px. HE 500 Liter SWH Rs.1,25,000 Rs.250

3. Key Advantages of 500 Liter Solar Water Heaters

High Capacity and Increased Hot Water Supply

A 500 liter solar water heater offers a significant hot water capacity, making it suitable for larger households, commercial establishments, and industrial applications. It ensures an abundant supply of hot water to meet the demands of multiple users simultaneously.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

500 liter solar water heaters are highly energy-efficient, utilizing the free and abundant solar energy to heat water. By reducing dependence on conventional energy sources, these systems result in substantial cost savings over time and contribute to a greener future.

Environmental Friendliness

Solar water heaters are eco-friendly, as they operate without producing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. By harnessing clean solar energy, they help reduce carbon footprints and combat climate change, promoting a sustainable and cleaner environment.

Versatility in Applications

With their high capacity, 500 liter solar water heaters can cater to various applications, including large households, hotels, resorts, hospitals, and industrial processes. Their versatility makes them suitable for meeting hot water demands in diverse settings.

4. Installation Process of 500 Liter Solar Water Heaters

500 liter ETC solar water heater

Site Assessment and Sizing

Before installation, a site assessment is conducted to determine the feasibility of the system and identify the optimal location for mounting the collector panels. Sizing calculations are performed based on hot water requirements, considering factors such as climate and peak usage.

Mounting the Collector Panels

The collector panels are securely mounted on rooftops or open areas using specialized brackets or stands. Proper alignment and positioning are crucial to ensure maximum exposure to sunlight and optimize the system's performance.

Connecting the Circulation System

The circulation system, including pipes, pumps, and valves, is carefully connected to facilitate the flow of hot water. Proper integration with the existing plumbing system ensures efficient distribution and delivery of hot water to desired outlets.

Integration with Existing Water Heating Setup

In some cases, integration with existing water heating setups, such as backup electric or gas systems, may be required to ensure a continuous supply of hot water during periods of low sunlight or high demand. This integration allows for a reliable and uninterrupted hot water supply.

5. Maintenance and Care for 500 Liter Solar Water Heaters

Regular Inspection and Cleaning

Regular inspection and cleaning of the collector panels are essential to remove dust, dirt, or debris that can affect their efficiency. Scheduled maintenance should be carried out at least once a year to ensure optimal performance.

Checking Components and Connections

Regularly checking components, connections, pipes, and valves helps identify any leaks or malfunctions. Timely repairs or replacements can prevent system inefficiencies and extend the lifespan of the solar water heater.

Troubleshooting and Repairs

Being familiar with common issues such as temperature fluctuations, airlocks, or pump failures can assist in troubleshooting problems effectively. Manufacturer guidelines or professional assistance should be sought for complex issues or repairs.

Professional Servicing

Professional servicing is recommended for tasks such as flushing the system, testing pressure, and inspecting the heat exchanger. Expert technicians can ensure optimal performance and address any underlying issues efficiently.

6. Cost Considerations and Return on Investment (ROI)

Initial Investment and Payback Period

The initial cost of a 500 liter solar water heater installation varies based on factors like system size, quality, and complexity. However, the long-term cost savings from reduced energy consumption can offset the initial investment, resulting in a shorter payback period.

Long-Term Savings and ROI Calculation

By harnessing solar energy, 500 liter solar water heaters significantly reduce reliance on conventional energy sources, leading to substantial long-term savings on utility bills. The return on investment (ROI) can be calculated by comparing the initial investment with the accumulated savings over the system's lifespan.

Government Incentives and Financial Support

Many governments and utility companies provide incentives, tax credits, or financial support to encourage the adoption of solar water heaters. Exploring available programs can help maximize cost savings and improve the overall affordability of installing a 500 liter solar water heater.