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Solar DCDB: Managing Direct Current

The Solar DCDB, also known as the Direct Current Distribution Box, manages the flow of direct current (DC) electricity inside the solar power system. It is a hub for several solar panels connected in parallel or series to form an array. The Solar DCDB is responsible for the following primary functions:

solar dcdb acdb

  • Combiner Box: The Solar DCDB acts as a combiner box, combining the outputs of individual solar panels and combining them into a single DC output. It ensures the proper connection and parallel operation of the panels.

  • Overcurrent Protection: The Solar DCDB incorporates overcurrent protection devices such as fuses or circuit breakers to safeguard the system from excessive current flow. These devices prevent damage to the solar panels and other components in case of a fault or overloading.

  • Monitoring and Control: The Solar DCDB may include monitoring and control features to measure critical parameters such as voltage, current, and temperature. This enables real-time monitoring of the solar array's performance and helps identify any issues or anomalies.

  • Disconnecting Function: In case of maintenance or emergencies, the Solar DCDB provides a means to disconnect the solar panels from the rest of the system. This ensures the safety of personnel working on the system and allows for isolation during troubleshooting or repair.

ACDB: Managing Alternate Current

The Alternate Current Distribution Box (ACDB) controls alternating current (AC) electricity flow within the solar power system. It connects the solar inverter with the electrical distribution panel. The ACDB is responsible for the following primary functions:


Capacity Description Price
1 KW-1P 1 IN 1 OUT 2000
2 KW-1P 1 IN 1 OUT 2500
3 KW-1P 1 IN 1 OUT 2500
4KW-1P 1 IN 1 OUT 3000
5KW-1P 2 IN 2 OUT 3000
5 KW-3P 2 IN 2 OUT 4000
6 KW-3P 2 IN 2 OUT 4000
8 KW-3P 2 IN 2 OUT 4000
10 KW-3P 2 IN 2 OUT 4000
15 KW-3P 3 IN 3 OUT 5500
20 KW-3P 4 IN 4 OUT 6500
25 KW-3P 4 IN 4 OUT 7000
30 KW-3P 4 IN 4 OUT 7000
50 KW-3P 6 IN 6 OUT 14000
  1. Inverter Connection: The ACDB serves as the connection point between the solar inverter and the electrical distribution panel. It receives the AC output from the inverter and distributes it to the electrical loads in the building or facility.

  2. Circuit Protection: The ACDB includes circuit breakers or fuses to protect the system from overcurrent or short circuits. These protective devices ensure the safety of the electrical wiring and equipment downstream of the ACDB.

  3. Monitoring and Control: Similar to the Solar DCDB, the ACDB may have monitoring and control capabilities. It can monitor parameters such as AC voltage, current, and frequency, providing valuable data for system performance analysis and maintenance.

  4. Grid Connection: In grid-connected solar power systems, the ACDB facilitates the connection of the solar system to the utility grid. It includes necessary protection and control devices to ensure proper synchronization and compliance with grid requirements.